“in a gentle way, you can shake the world.” - gandhi

foodies & eaters

Truck Bed Guitar Session

connect with your peeps

invite them over for a farm-to-table dining experience. no home is too small to create delicious memories with friends and family

find a cook or chef

choose from home cooks, students, professionals and indie eateries

find those who are passionate about cooking

pick your dining event date

lunch, brunch or dinner 


collaborate with the cook or chef on your menu & reserve 3 or more days ahead

On the Phone

40 world cuisines to experience

taste your way thru life. experience world cultures coming into your home thru stories and cuisines.

Outside Dinner

eat with your tribe

gather your tribe for a memorable dining experience


cover the cost or split the bill. either way, it's budget friendly as there's no tip, no tax, no service charge, and it's byob

Man Trying App

rate + review

enjoyed your dining experience?


let other foodies & eaters know by rating & reviewing your chef or cook and posting dining pics

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