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eat with your tribe

farm-to-table meals that feed the soul

Why Zero Waste



bites is a farm-to-table mobile app that connects eaters & foodies with local cooks & chefs for meal prep services, drop-off meals, and in-home dining experiences, as well as interactive classroom lunches. we help you create memorable & meaningful farm-to-table experiences...whether that's in your own home, at the office, k-12 classroom, or college setting.


so, go ahead and gather your tribe -- gather those who inspire you, empower you, support you and allow you to be the fullest expression of yourself and invite them over to share a farm-to-table meal.  

no tip, no tax, no service charge, no delivery fee and it's BYOB.

Lunch Table

farm-to-table meals

& dining experiences

cooks source ingredients directly from urban farms & tiny growers to create farm-to-table meals and experiences for eaters at home, in office, K-12 classrooms, and colleges.

Cooking wiith Grandma

cooking gigs & support for urban growers

cooking gigs for home cooks, college students, culinary students, chefs and independent eateries.

visibility and support for local growers and food gardens on college campuses

Community Garden

community building & celebrating diversity

we aspire to connect people more consciously to their communities through memorable and meaningful food-centered experiences that have beneficial impact on people and the planet.


how it works

the bites app empowers cooks and eaters alike, providing cooks the opportunity to create meals they take pride and joy in, and giving eaters a the opportunity to eat in a meaningful, memorable, connected way. 


meet our founder

my love affair with food has evolved into a community-driven marketplace app for eaters, cooks and urban growers, but that's not all. we've got bigger plans..


it is with gratitude and a sense of belonging that i welcome you to the bites community.

- Roza Ferdowsmakan

what people are saying

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 9.08.06 PM.png

chef erin krampetz


thanks to bites, i've been connected with local farmers and butchers. i'm inspired to cook new dishes by meeting new people. it's a culinary community for good living and nourishing experiences.


chef malone deever


bites is an amazing app to build relationships with the community. it connects the farms, foodies and chefs to build a truly unique experience,

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 9.17.51 PM.png

peter deeley • home cook phoenix,az

bites is a bridge that will connect the best food with people who care about how they nourish themselves and how they help nourish those whom they love. it is an exciting and powerful tool to help restore the health of our communities.

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