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for chefs, cooks & indie eateries

1: create a cooking profile

self-identify as a home cook, student, professional or independent eatery. we welcome cooks of all levels.

2: show us what you want to cook

indicate cuisines you enjoy cooking & post pics of your creations. consider your total costs, including time & ingredients, your min charge, and max guests you'll serve.

3: tell us where you source your ingredients

whether it's an urban farm, micro-farm, co-op, community or backyard garden, farmer's market, or grocer, let us know

4: go forth and cook for the community

let eaters & fooodies know what services you offer:

drop-off meals

meal-prep services

in-home dining

interactive classroom experiences

for foodies & eaters

1: find a cook or chef

choose from home cooks, students, professionals and indie eateries. 

choose from drop-off meals, meal prep, in-home dining experiences, 

2: pick your dining date

will it be lunch, brunch or dinner?

collaborate with the cook or chef on your menu & order or reserve 3 or more days ahead

3: invite & eat with your tribe

invite your peeps over for a memorable farm-to-table dining experience. 

cover the cost or split the bill. no tip, no tax,  no service charge, no delivery fee, BYOB.

4: rate & review in the app

enjoyed your meal or dining experience?


let other foodies & eaters know by rating & reviewing your chef or cook and posting dining pics

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