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students & social impact

Make Food. Make Money. Make Friends.

Ours is a social impact mobile app that envisions college/university students cooking affordable homemade meals for other students, while sharing their cultures, cuisines and stories...building friendships and community in the process. 

To find college student cooks in your area, use the "Filter" button at the top of the "Find Cooks" screen.


1. We help students with basic cooking skills earn extra money through fun, flexible cooking gigs they perform for other students

2. We give students access to homemade meals prepared for them by other students

3. We seek to make meals affordable: no tip, no tax, no service charge, no delivery fee

4. We celebrate cultural diversity through world cuisines, stories and dining rituals

5. We help students meet other students in-person and form friendships and community

6. We seek to inspire, empower and engage students in making healthier, more nourishing food choices

7. We seek to help students create memorable and meaningful dining experiences 

8. We seek to help students come out of social isolation and loneliness by having a built-in excuse to reach out to other students over a food experience


All dining experiences: no tip, no tax, no service charge & no delivery fees.


Any minimum charge that may be reflected on a college student cook's profile is NOT indicating the cost of a single meal or a single dish. The ACTUAL cost of all dining experiences will be mutually determined by the college student "eater" and the "college student cook". Any minimum charge will reflect the minimum total bill for all guests.


Our social impact mobile app envisions teachers in K-12 schools using our app to offer their students interactive classroom lunch experiences via chefs/homecooks who engage students in aspects of preparing a meal...bringing food literacy into schools in a tasty way. 

If you're a K-12 educator and want to find chefs/homecooks who offer interactive classroom lunch experiences, use the "Filter" button at the top of the "Find Cooks" screen.


  To see our manifesto, go here.

For helpful guidance about use of our app, go here.

For our website homepage, go here.

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