How Bites Works


Part 1. What Foodies Need To Know

Part 2. What Cooks Need To Know

Part 3. FAQs for Foodies & Cooks

Part 1 - What Foodies Need To Know

Bites helps you create personalized dining experiences in your own home, via a personal cook, in an affordable way. 

1. Search for cooks of all skill levels.

2. Use the Filter button to refine your search.

3. Check out cook profiles by tapping on them. 
4. Tap on "Begin Your Request" to begin collaborating with a cook on a tentative menu. You are not committing to a specific menu or reserving the cook by taking this step.
5. Tap on "Request Changes" at the bottom of the menu in order to request that the cook make changes to the menu. Go back and forth on changes until you're happy with the final menu. 

6. Reserve the cook with a credit card in the app.

7. Message the cook through the app with questions. 
8. Cook shows up at your home at the reserved time with all cooking gear & ingredients.

9. Cook preps and cooks and cleans up their work area before leaving, all within 4 hours. 
10. The menu price is the total amount you'll pay for the dining experience. It covers all services and ingredients. No tax, no tip, no service charge and it’s BYOB.

For specific questions, see the FAQs in Part 3 below. 

Part 2 - What Cooks Need To Know 

Bites provides cooks of all skill levels with fun work - paid cooking gigs at foodies' homes. 

1. Create a cook profile.

2. Foodies will check out your cook profile to see what you offer. 

3. Foodies will request a tentative menu from you.

4. You'll respond to the foodie's request by providing them with an initial menu. The menu creation process is collaborative. The foodie must tap on "Request Changes" at the bottom of the menu on their side before you can revise the menu on your side. The foodie must do this each time they want to make changes to the menu. You may go back and forth a few times on revising the menu until it's finalized. 

5. The foodie will reserve your cooking services through the app.  

6. You'll show up at the foodie's home at the reserved time with your cooking gear & ingredients.

7. You'll prep, cook, plate the food, and clean up your work area before leaving, all within 4 hours.

8. Afterwards, foodies will rate & review your services on the app.

9. The menu price you provide the foodie is the total amount the foodie will pay for the dining experience. It covers the full cost of your services and ingredients. See FAQs below for IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT PAYMENT to cook. 

For specific questions, see the FAQs in Part 3 below.

Part 3 - FAQs for Foodies & Cooks

What does the cook provide for the dining experience? 

The cook arrives at the foodie's home or designated event location, providing all ingredients, tools, equipment, cooking utensils, cookery and any special or necessary materials for food preparation and cooking. The foodie will provide all dishware, serving dishes, stemware, glassware, cutlery, silverware, other utensils, napkins, linens and any decorative items.


What kinds of cooks participate on Bites? 

Cooks of all skill levels, from amateur to professional, can create a cooking profile on Bites. We welcome home cooks, student cooks (university & college students, culinary students), professional cooks*, and cooks representing independent eateries. We believe in supporting individuals with a passion for cooking, regardless of skill level. We also believe in giving visibility and support to independent eateries that lend authentic character to our cities. *Note: The category "professional cooks" includes all levels of restaurant cooks, top chefs, caterers, commercial cooks, personal chefs, and food truck cooks. All cooks indicate their actual experience in their profile bios.

Is the cook supposed to clean up?

The cook will perform all cleanup related to food preparation and cooking. The cook will not perform any kitchen cleanup beyond that. 


What is meant by "no tip, no tax, and it's BYOB"? 

We want farm-to-table dining experiences to be accessible to foodies of all socio-economic levels. For this reason, foodies don't pay any tip or tax, and they provide their own beverages, alcoholic or otherwise.


Is there a service charge paid by foodie in making a reservation through Bites?

No, there is no service charge paid by foodies in using our app. 

Are foodies required to tip cooks? 

No. Foodies are paying upfront the full amount of what the personal cook reservation is going to cost them. The full amount paid by the foodie includes the cook’s complete services and all ingredients.  


Does the cook serve the foodie and foodie's guests? 

The cook will plate each dish or course one time for foodie and foodie's guests using the dishware and serving ware provided by foodie. Beyond that, the cook will not function as a food server or clear the table.


Who removes the trash associated with the dining event? 

The cook will discard of all trash, compostables, and recyclables associated with food prep into those receptacles that the foodie provides in foodie's kitchen. Beyond that, the foodie removes the trash associated with the dining event.


How long are dining experiences?

From the time the cook arrives at foodie's home, the cook will have up to 4 hours within which to set up, prep food, cook, serve, and clean up. The foodie and cook can mutually adjust this length of time if they so choose.


How do foodies rate & review the cook? 

After the cook has performed the the dining event for the foodie, the foodie can go back into the Bites app to rate and review the cook. We highly encourage foodies to rate and review cooks so that other foodies get a better sense of what they might experience with that cook. Foodies can upload related dining pictures to their reviews.  


Does the foodie get a refund if the foodie cancels the reservation? 

We issue partial and full refunds on canceled reservations only as follows: If foodie cancels the reservation within the first 24 hours of having placed the reservation, foodie will always receive a full refund. Outside of this initial 24 hour window, if foodie cancels the reservation 5 or more days prior to the dining event, foodie will get a 50% refund; if foodie cancels the reservation 4 or fewer days prior to the dining event, foodie does not receive any refund.


Does the foodie get a refund if the cook cancels the reservation? 

If the cook cancels the reservation at any point in time, the foodie will get a 100% refund. Foodie will not be entitled to any payment or other compensation beyond a full refund, even if foodie incurred additional expenses and costs in preparation for and in reliance on the upcoming dining event and even if cook was aware of this.


Does the cook still get paid if the foodie canceled the reservation? 

If the foodie cancels the reservation 5 or more days prior to the dining event, cook will receive 50% of the amount that cook would have otherwise received if the foodie had not canceled the reservation and if cook had performed the reservation. If the foodie cancels the reservation 4 or fewer days prior to the dining event, cook will receive 100% of the amount cook would have otherwise received if cook had performed the reservation. Having said that, the foodie may always cancel the reservation within the first 24 hours of having placed the reservation and in such instance the foodie will always get a 100% refund and cook will not receive payment for such canceled reservation. 

Are participating cooks employed by or insured by Bites? 

No. Cooks participating on Bites are not employees or agents of Bites or Warehouse Apps, nor are they insured by Bites or Warehouse Apps. Cooks are all independent contractors who represent themselves and work for themselves. They are required to have a valid and current food handler's card or food manager's certificate uploaded to their account when they create a cooking profile to indicate to us that they understand safe food handling practices. Beyond this, cooks are individually responsible for and encouraged to secure and maintain insurance in adequate amounts and in accordance with coverages that are appropriate to them providing dining experiences to foodies and/or providing any additional services beyond dining experiences to foodies.


Do cooks offer additional services beyond dining experiences? 

Cooks may offer services beyond dining experiences by indicating these additional offerings in their profiles. These additional offerings currently include Interactive Classroom Lunches offered by professional cooks. In the near future, these additional offerings may also include Cooking Classes, Drop-off Meals, and Meal Prep Services. The cook may have different minimum charges for each of these additional offerings. Foodies should inquire with the cook as to these minimum charges. Foodies can use the Filter button in the search results screen to find cooks who offer additional services.  


What are Interactive Classroom Lunches for kids?

Professional cooks may choose to offer Interactive Classroom Lunches to students in private & charter schools. Teachers at these schools can reserve the services of professional cooks interested in coming into their classroom to collaboratively put together a lunch experience with their students. If a professional cook's services get reserved by a teacher for one of these interactive lunches, then the cook will take their cooking gear, along with all ingredients (locally sourced to the extent possible), into the classroom, and perform an interactive lunch with students in that class.


Teachers and their students will provide their own plates, utensils, napkins, and beverages. The professional cook will show up for the interactive classroom lunch at the same time that the cook would otherwise show up to a foodie's home to provide a lunch dining experience. The only thing that is different on the cook's end is that the cook is showing up to a classroom rather than to a foodie's home and the guests being served are all young kids, rather than adults.


Professional cooks will seek to provide a lunch experience that is enjoyable, interactive, and educational. Professional cooks may set a minimum charge for these interactive classroom lunches that is different from their minimum charge for regular dining experiences. Professional cooks should let the teacher who reserves their services through the Bites app know what their minimum charge is for these interactive classroom lunches. 

How do cooks get paid & how much? 

Within 36 hours after the cook personally performs a dining reservation, all associated payments due to cook for that reservation will be deposited to cook's connected Stripe account. From there, it generally takes Stripe 5 business days to deposit funds into cook's connected bank account. Cooks get paid 80% of the total charges (so, 80% of the total dining bill) for the services they perform. Stripe takes approx 3% for processing the credit card transaction, and the remaining approx 17% goes to Warehouse Apps, creator of Bites. For purposes of illustration only, if the total dining bill is $100, then $80 will be paid to cook, $3 (approx) will be paid to Stripe, and $17 (approx) will be paid to Warehouse Apps. 

Why should cooks care about getting ratings & reviews?

Cooks with more ratings & reviews will always filter up in search results ahead of other cooks. Only if a foodie pays for the dining reservation through Bites will they be able to then rate & review the cook and post dining pics. As more cooks participate on Bites, ratings & reviews will gain more and more in importance. 

Are cooks required to source their ingredients locally? 

Cooks are highly encouraged, but not mandated, to source their ingredients locally. We encourage cooks to source ingredients from urban farms, micro farms, co-ops, backyard gardens, community gardens, organic and family-owned small growers. We believe that encouragement on our end and transparency on the cook’s end in terms of where cooks source from is the best starting point to getting more cooks to source ingredients locally. As we grow, we intend to make significant improvements to this system, for the benefit of foodies, cooks, and the growers themselves. 


What are some ideas for dining experiences with Bites cooks?

Dinner party with friends or neighbors, supper club dinner event, cultural club dinners, interactive classroom lunches for kids, family weeknight dinner, farm dinner, romantic date night, themed dinner party, university dorm communal dinner, Sunday brunch, birthday celebration, anniversary dinner, sweet sixteen party, graduation dinner, poker night, movie night, bachelorette party, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party, masquerade party, luncheon, cocktail party, wine tasting party, Spanish tapas party, garden party, valentines dinner, holiday party, office party, summer pool party, or family reunion.


We're sure there are many more ideas for dining experiences with Bites cooks & chefs. You'll want the experience level and interests of the cook to match what you have in mind, so chat with the cook through the Bites app to learn more about their style and how they can meet your expectations. For foodies who have a cult-like following with a particular favorite independent eatery in town, you may want to consider having that eatery send one of its cooks to your home to prepare on-menu or off-menu items for you. This way, your favorite dining spot in town comes to you for a personalized experience in the intimacy of your own home. 


Can I be both a foodie and a cook on Bites?

Yes, you can experience Bites both as a foodie and as a cook. Alternatively, you can choose to simply be one or the other, and create the appropriate profile. It's up to you.  

Are there limits on how many times cooks can cancel paid reservations?

We understand that emergencies may come up for cooks. For that reason, cooks are allowed one canceled reservation within any consecutive 6 month period. If cook cancels two reservations within any consecutive 6 month period, cook may be deemed an unreliable cook, at the sole discretion of Bites, and cook's profile may be automatically deleted from Bites.​


How do cooks handle their taxes associated with services they offer through Bites?

If a cook received $600 or more in a calendar year for the services the cook performed through the Bites app, then by end of January of the following calendar year, the cook will receive a Form 1099 Misc. We advise that cooks consult a tax professional with any questions regarding their taxes.


How can I get a food handler card or food manager certificate?

Do a search online for “food handler card” or “food manager certificate” and reference your state (i.e., Arizona). You will see results for providers of food handler cards and food manager certificates. In order to get either of these, you’ll need to take an online test with one of these providers (the food handler card test is easier, faster, and costs less) to measure your understanding of safe food handling practices. Once you’ve taken either test and received either a food handler card or food manager certificate, you will upload a picture of either document to your cooking profile on Bites and enter the expiration date. We'll validate this on our end. 


If cook is not comfortable going to foodie’s home alone, can cook bring someone along? 

Yes, cooks can take a helper or sous chef with them, if they'd like. So long as the person the cook is bringing along is assisting the cook in some way, whether with food prep, cooking, plating, or cleanup, it’s fine.​


How do cooks get in contact with Stripe regarding their connected payment account? 

Cooks can contact Stripe several ways: through email, chat, or a phone call. Go to their website: to get in touch with them directly in any of these ways.  

How can I find Bites on social media? 

You can find and follow us on Instagram: